Ah Chin’s 22nd Birthday

*Clap Clap* Miss Lam Shun Chin turned 22 years of age on the 14th of August.

We had a pretty bad (but absolutely predictable) start to the night with Shun being one full hour late. And because we were supposed to pick her up from her house, all of us got trapped there, waiting for her to get ready. For ONE HOUR my god!

So anyway, after Lilin Bilin successfully managed to stick Shun’s new Drama Mama false eyelashes on for her, we kicked her into her clothes, kicked her down the stairs and kicked her into the car.

And off we went, to Rakuzen in SS15 for her birthday dinner.

Like, check out her falsies!!! Super Drama Mama sial!

Oh hey, I just realised I totally forgot to photoshop the pics. But I shall be lazy and just ignore them pimples and flash overexposures.

Robilin (YES I am clever wtf)

Lynn, Me, Shun, Yun *muah muah* (Yah my dress is poofed like that so I can eat more without having to worry about a bulging waistline)

I bought my dress from Cat’s Whiskers in SS15 for only like RM65 which is like 10pounds wtf damn cheap ok!

Anyhuu, after stuffing ourselves silly (to cheers of “Ah Fat Ah Fat eat so much really Ah Fat!!” cause the set I ordered was like damn big but I managed to finish it on my own *clapclap*), the waitresses took like 10 minutes to bring out the cake which was damn potong stim cause it totally took away the surprise factor. But anyway Shun damn blur so maybe she didn’t notice the waitresses distributing small plates or me taking my camera out or the waitress holding the cake by the door wtf.

Very yummy cake thanks to Yun and SSK (Stupid Shiu Kao) from RT House in SS15.

Why do people always look much happier in candid photos?

People I love.

And because we’re just so damn happening wtf, we headed up to Luna Bar KL where a friend of Robin’s was celebrating his 21st birthday.

[His friend is Eric, who happens to be quite cute but HOHO he’s one year younger than me sigh =(]

Camwhoring in the car.

[There’s this song called “Sweetest Girl” which has like the dumbest lyrics I’ve ever heard!!! “Pimpin’s getting harder cause the ho’s are gettin smarter” WTF! “Gotta steal the dollar if you gotta pay the bill” WTFWTF!!]

Uh huh, we have 5 people in the car.

So anyway, due to unforseen circumstances, we only reached Luna at midnight, and since they close by 1 (which is TOO EARLY LAH WTHHHH T_T), it was a mad rush to order our drinks and camwhore around the pool. We didn’t even actually have time to sit down and chat/mingle with Eric all the beautiful people there.

We bought not ONE but TWO Flaming Lamborghinis for our birthday girl!

Her friends Ame and Karen met up with us at Luna (the same people we went to Zouk with).

I think the cocktails at Luna Bar aren’t all that great cause the alcohol content was so low I couldn’t feel the slightest kick!! Dunno why lah. Or maybe the stupid bartender was trying to cheat us. Even their Flaming Lamborghini was actually in flames for like only 5 seconds.




Aih, how romantic!

Lilin pretending to be a well-endowed Popeye. Eh I seriously love her dress lah damn cute ok!!

In the lift wtf.

I really loved the place, with the calming pool and kinda spectacular view of KL but haiya damn potong stim lar when the bar closed. Since we were already in KL and it was Ladies Nite, we continued the party at Bar Club along Heritage Row.


The only reason we chose Bar Club was because they didn’t charge a cover fee for the guys. But we soon found out why this was so.


Apparently Thursday is Trance Night in Bar Club and my gawd, how do people actually dance to that kind of music??? To make it worse, yesterday happened to be the day Taoists pray for the Ghost Festival so yeah, the club was totally devoid of all Chinese people.


The club was so empty we could actually see from one end right through to the opposite end!! But because Shun is quite the Dance Desperado, she forced all of us to get on the dance floor to watch her shake her booty to trance music wtf. We got embarassed after awhile and went back to our seats.

Where she continued dancing. While seated. Wtf.

Talk about one drunk birthday girl!

After we got out of the club, we headed to the nearest mamak along Heritage Row.

And surprise surprise

She actually started puking right beside our table, and then Lilin and I brought her to the closed mamak stall next door to continue puking.

Yah, she puked damn 9 a lot ok!

After she had puked to her heart’s stomach’s content, we called for the bill and got a different kind of surprise.


“Eh bang, ini add-on apa??”

“Oh, itu muntah punya charge. Biasa punya la sini”

Like WTF how can you charge us frigging 10 bucks just cause she vomitted???? Yah, I’m sure the pail of water you used to wash her puke away costs 10 bucks rite??? GAR damn angry lor!! I totally understand that they gotta find some kind of way to make money or stop drunk people from randomly vomitting around the mamak (since we are in a clubbing area) but omg RM10 is just too much ok!

Yah, and apparently vomiting DOES NOT encourage Shun to be quiet cause she started blabbering nonsense all the way home.

But cleber Lynn and I discovered a surefire way to get her to shut up: Just keep talking and don’t let her interupt!

I think it’s cause our voices are so loud they drown her’s out BWAHAHAHAA!

Anyway Shun if you’re reading this I love you! heh.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Eelaine Boo
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 10:03:08

    Wtf add on charge?!?! Wahlao like kena cheated wtf!

    And Li-Lynn’s boobs are spilling again, as usual -_-


  3. Shirlyn
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 16:25:53

    wat the…rm10???

    maybe they shd b more creative n put “thx for vomitting here!” on their receipt since they charge ppl rm 10!!!!


  4. sooliping86
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 18:00:51

    YALA if they early early put a sign there saying “vomit: RM10” we would haf brought her to the longkang oni la!!

    it’s ok. we looove lilin’s boobies! *slurp* :p[]=3

    uh.. thx for being lame…


  5. lilin
    Aug 21, 2008 @ 15:42:20

    T-T why always talk about my boobs one. eelaine, not my fault ok the elastic band at the back of my dress damn tight. sooliping jangan hamsap! and ok i’m passing the dress to someone ady sapa mau!


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