Pendidikan Cemerlang Seafield Gemilang

Damn angry I tell you!!! I just bought this foundation from MAC which cost me like RM150 or something, and the very first time I tried it on I immediately noticed that the colour was waaaaay too dark for my skin tone. GAR aren’t the stupid salesgirls at MAC stores supposed to be trained in this kind of shit T_T how can they give me the wrong colour 666!!!

So then I had to go buy another foundation from Averine this time which cost me like RM178 so damn not worth it ok!! Samo the amount like damn little only. No choice cause I had an RM50 voucher so have to use ma.

Left is MAC, right is Averine. Doesn’t look much different in the picture but I swear the MAC one is damn dark ok!


I finally got to eat my claypot chicken rice at Apollos USJ4 with Cheun but omg NOT NICE leh. According to Alfred the fella cooks “according to mood”, so pls don’t go eat there when the aunty is having her PMS ok.

After that we drove to Pyramid just to steal some aircon (cause I’m damn poor can’t even afford aircon wtfwtfwtf T_T) and to buy more clothes hangars cause I shipped home TONNES of clothes so my maid ran out of hangars hoho.

We were supposed to meet Lilin Bilin at her place before going to the pasar malam but she wasn’t home yet, so Cheun and I went to visit our old school.



God, it sure feels nice to be back!! Only this time we don’t have to worry about classes or homework or dragon teachers anymore hoho.

Coincidentally, Lilin’s brother who was lepaking outside school instead of going straight home like a good boy saw us entering the school haha!

Our canteen has a coconut-tree-leaf atap gerai!!

The night guard owns this super cute puppy which kept running and jumping around like it was high on Redbull! The puppy ran into the canteen and the 2 Malay ladies mopping the floor were damn angry and started bitching like omg how can you rear a dog in a Malay school HAHAHAHA.

I think the school needs to start raising funds for a paint job. Utamakan kualiti konon.

Like OMG they didn’t even bother to repaint Block D after all these years!!!

I really don’t know how to describe the condition of Seafield right now. Half of it is new and in good condition like the beautiful (and probably very expensive) awnings whereas the other half is literally in ruins and desperately needs a fixup. I can see that they’re trying to fix up the school bit by bit, but to be honest the school is turning into quite an eyesore.

Puan Chong what happened to your money collecting skillz???

The door to the first class in Block A (Used to be 3A?) – Wonder who’s house they stole it from.

They’ve renovated the toilets, but I must warn you: The guy’s toilet smells as nasty as ever!!!

New scary-looking fishes in the Interact pond.

Some brilliant dude actually decided that the school carpark was large enough to have its very own roundabout wtf! (No that’s not a ghost behind Cheun, that’s the guard)


Saya pulang membawa kecemerlangan sial!!!

Ok so anyway after we were done camwhoring we met up with Lilin Bilin and went to the pasar malam in Taman Connaughty wtf.

Then we went back to her house to play with her cat which is damn gila babi cute!!

“Snowy LIZARD!!! Snowy LIZARD!!!”

Hoho damn nice to bluff her.

Yah ok not my best angle but damn hard to take pictures of a moving cat leh.


Funniest convo picture of us

L-R: Kah Yie, Me, Jing Mein, Shirlyn and Yan Nee


Apparently gymnastics allow Shirlyn to hover in the air for 2 minutes.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Prof Tee
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 03:57:25

    aiya, u dun so vain la, a bit darker nvm wan ma, the person pretty no need foundation also can wan la, haha…=P

    I WAN TO GO PASAR MALAM ALSO, i wan pirated DVD…=P


  2. rei
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 21:06:08

    puanchong blogs too!


  3. Shirlyn
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 23:27:53

    we shd make a voting like who has the funniest pose in the pic…except me la..not funny at all…like outcast like tht…


  4. sooliping86
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 23:37:23


    rei: omgwtfbbq!! totally haf to pimp her blog man!!

    lyn: yalayala i know u’re the only non-retard there cis…


  5. Prof Tee
    Aug 09, 2008 @ 05:18:49

    haha, dun merajuk, haiya, read the msg this way ma can lo, wat i meant was since u r pretty adi, no need to bother wat kind of foundation is that la, no need also can la…ok? =)

    how to vote wor, all also damn funny, haha…=P


  6. sooliping86
    Aug 10, 2008 @ 03:08:26

    hahaha not merajuking la.. just accepting the fact that i’m ugly =( haha…

    dunno y yannee’s jump shots all oso cover face wan..


  7. Prof Tee
    Aug 10, 2008 @ 05:04:36

    haha…aiyo, so not that li ping i knew, haha…
    jing mein cover face photo lagi a lot lo…
    wei, i damn sien, write more funny blog n take more of ur ah fat photo, haha, that photo u really look fat, haha, so happy to see that…=P


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