PC Fair: Twice Over

[It’s been a busy 2 days so this post is gonna be a little long]

I went to the PC Fair at the KL Convention Center on Saturday with no plans to buy anything; all I wanted to do was to kepoh since the others were supposed to buy HDDs.

In the end, AS USUAL, everyone ended up not buying their HDDs, but I ended up buying…

cheng cheng cheng…

Canon Ixus 860IS wtf for RM999. Apparently the normal selling price is between RM1200-1300 so this was considered a bargain. Plus they threw in 3GB worth of memory sticks.

My Sony T20 isn’t exactly obsolete yet, but wtf since my mum is paying =)))

Yah, and since I saved them almost RM300 on the camera, all that savings went towards getting me a “digital audio system” HOHOHAHAHUM! (what kind of stupid reasoning… i think my dad is gonna cancel my supplementary credit card already sob)


The thing plays CDs, radio, has a USB port for MP3 players/pendrives and even a port for memory sticks. And they even threw in the hugeass subwoofer for an additional RM20.

SK and I both bought a set each (RM359 for each set), but the cb seller refused to give us any discounts cis.

After bersesakan at the PC Fair, we went to Jalan Alor for dinner. This was a total shocker to me cause I thought it was like some damn ciplak place, but as it turned out, the food there was damn kao expensive ok!!!

The dish which made me damn tak puas hati: RM68 for ONE stupid crab 666!!! Damn angry ok RM68 can eat buffet already lah sheet whywhywhy didn’t I ask for the price first T.T

Yah so anyway after gobbling everything up we still weren’t full so we went to this really fascinating restaurant in SS2 called “The Cave“. It’s really a sort of concept restaurant in which each party is seated in their very own private “cave”. With so much privacy, I bet couples find it a whole lot cheaper then “getting a room” wtf.


I’m sure you get why it’s called “the cave”.


After dinner, SK went to the car boot to get his audio system thingy, and then we found out that the cb seller only gave us ONE set instead of TWO wth!!!

Damn angry ok!!!!

This meant that we had to go back to the PC Fair the next day to collect another set cis!!!!!!!!!

You know how jam and mafan to go PC Fair or not hah!!!!!!!

Early the next morning, before heading to the PC Fair to kick that fella’s ass, SK and Yun brought Alfred and I to Bukit Sri Cahaya Alam (aka Taman Pertanian Malaysia) in Shah Alam to cycle wtf.

Me cycle? Hohohoho.

MTV Pimp My Ride!!!!!! “Felali” convoy sial.

At first I was damn semangat cause the last time I had been there was like 8-10 years ago, but that enthusiasm quickly dissipated after cycling uphill for 5 minutes.


The best place in the entire park is the Four Seasons House cause it’s like damn cold and comfortable! The entrance fee is only RM3 so if you’re kiamsiap enough you can like bring a laptop/newspaper and stay there the whole day!!!!

Am I cleber? Tell me I’m cleber…


Awww… Time to get a room man!

There was a small enclosure for ponies which kind of fascinated me.

Guess why SK and I are so shocked:

Yun managed to arouse the pony omgwtfbbqgeligeligeligeli!!!! (Ngam ngam kena block by SK’s head in the pic above hahahahahaha)

Ponies very horny wan meh har?

While we were cycling back to the entrance/exit I managed to scrape my calf on the bicycle pedal. Cause my timing damn cacat la – I started pedaling with my left leg before my right leg was up on the pedal wtf. Was in a rush to catch up with the rest cause they damn bad left me waaaaaayy behind sobbers.

Now my calf has this porkrib-ish pattern:

After that we drove down to Klang to eat bak kut teh. I realise the guys are damn rajin to travel here and there for food but when we ask them go shopping they complain of exhaustion after like 30 seconds cis.


Following lunch we drove home for a bath and then it was back to the PC Fair to kick the guy’s ass. Wah I was damn riled up and ready to go gaduh already but the minute he saw us he was like, “Eh you’re the one who took the wrong thing yesterday right” and we were like yeah so he gave us another set and we went off semi-happily.

We watched the Mummy (Tomb of the Dragon Emperor) at the Pavillion which was like ok-ok only lar. No way does it even come close to Batman *Swoons over the dark knight*.

Had dinner at Friday’s at the Pavillion but the service was HORRIBLE and we had to wait 30 minutes in between courses which sucked so don’t go there! Instead of scolding the PC Fair guy I ended up scolding the waiter wtf I’m damn garang.

Finally, after struggling to assemble my audio system, here is how it looks like!!

Tried SO hard to un-macho-fy it!

Me likey cows!


(Was actually planning to put the thing on the cupboard where my cat is sitting but the stupid subwoofer is too big to fit haiyo.)

PS: SK called to bitch about the audio system cause for one thing he couldn’t figure out how to set up the subwoofer (But I could HOHO I am better than him ok!!!!) and also he says that the speakers suck. He said it was turned up to volume 23 and I was like “OI BABI PEKAK I’m only at volume 9 ok!!!” cis.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nee
    Aug 04, 2008 @ 05:20:05

    wah… 999 only..plus 3gb memory card summore… super cheap…


  2. ti3n
    Aug 04, 2008 @ 07:03:52

    hmmm the 4 season house. last time i go there in april, then it was during replanting for spring i think, nothing to see, damn disappointed, but, the air con there is good after one whole day of cycling session šŸ˜›


  3. Alfred
    Aug 04, 2008 @ 14:12:19

    Eh,find a better place for your Mini Combo la….kick all your cow and cat down to the floor. and BTw, sub woffer suppose to put it on the floor, not on tha table la….. DSHHH!!! or else instead of hearing DUM DUM DUM ( Sound from woofer when you put on the floor ), and if you put it on the table, you can hear this ( DUM Dum Dum DUm… TRUk..Ding dongg kiang ….PLAK… den ” Huhuhhuh..* Li Ping crying* )… the woofer can vibrate down to the floor…..cause i kena before…:P


  4. sooliping86
    Aug 04, 2008 @ 20:54:13

    nee: yalo quite cheap thats y… not bad la pc fair sales…

    tien: wah they replanting oso still let ppl go in ah? damn bad

    al: NO LA the subwoofer is now mmg on the floor. i was supposed to put the hifi on the table buthen now cannot cause got the subwoofer.. so now i put both on the floor la..ish..


  5. Soon Seng
    Aug 06, 2008 @ 00:07:57

    Hello! In response to your question;

    I wish I could really do that.


  6. Soon Seng
    Aug 06, 2008 @ 00:10:23

    In response to your question;

    I wish I could really do that.


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