Zouk Misadventure

Thursday nite = Ladies nite.

I joined Shun and 2 of her friends for an all girls nite out at Zouk. Things didn’t exactly go according to plans from the very beginning, with Shun picking me up 40 mins late. Yah, standard protocol for her, I know.


We met up with her friends in Damansara (the gorgeous Karen and super gorgeous Ame) and proceeded to get lost looking for Zouk for ONE WHOLE FRIGGING HOUR!!!

That’s damn long ok cause from Damansara to KL only took us like 15 minutes.

But because all of us damn bodoh, we kept driving round and round in circles (literally). It didn’t exactly help that the driver, Ame, was damn reckless and drove at like supersonic speed.

*Squints to see signboard* “There!! Turn there!!” *Ame drives past turning*

So anyway, we finally made it there by 12am. It was Ghetto Night, which meant that the place was crawling with.. um.. black people.

There were promoters giving out invites to the MTV Asia Awards party on Saturday, but it’s in Genting so I’m damn malas to go lah. They even took a polaroid picture of us on the spot!

Oh, and yah, I kena check for ID sigh. When oh when am I ever going to look like an adult?? Why oh why everyone else didn’t kena?

So anyway, we partied for 3 hours and then Zouk closed up. Like wth damn potong stim right. 3 hours is definitely not enough.


And here’s when the adventure really begun.

When we were walking out the club, a bunch of drunk black dudes started hugging and harrassing us. We shoo-ed them away as best we could and rushed to Ame’s car. And then she started vomiting up all her Long Island cocktail.


The major problem was that Ame’s car is a MANUAL and the rest of us are strict auto-only drivers.

She drove for like 5 minutes before she had to pull over.

Seriously damn scary ok.

She was trembling and couldn’t breathe. Apparently she frequently suffers from panic attacks, but this time it was really severe. I think it was brought on by the bastards who tried to kacau us.

Karen had to hail a taxi and bring Ame to the KL Hospital while Shun and I stayed in the car to ward off potential car thieves.

At one point 2 Malay men on a motorcycle pulled up beside our car and tried to get us to get out of the car. They were like “Lepak la moi, lepak kejap saje” wtf. And then they actually tried to open the car door!!! But thank god it was locked.

Scariest moment of my life!


Anyhuu, we waited in the car for about 3.5 hours before Ame and Karen got back. We were damn exhausted but couldn’t go to sleep cause KL is damn scary at night I tell you. There was even this crazy ah kua who sat beside our car and kept licking his/her lips like the Joker in Batman. Geli!!

[For those of you nerdy healthcare professionals out there who may be interested, here’s her case scenario:

Ame has a history of recurrent panic attacks. She just moved from Sarawak to KL and hasn’t had the chance to see a doctor to replenish her medicines.

Upon admission at HKL her heart rate was about 100bpm. The stupid trainee doctors had to poke her 3 times before successfully drawing blood to run tests. She had an ECG done which was totally unneccessary I think, but hey, it’s a gov hospital so it should cost like… RM10?? She was then placed in the observation ward until she stabilized and her blood results came back.

I dunno what meds they gave her, but she was holding this huge ass plastic bag, so it should be A LOT]

Driving home was another crazy ordeal for all of us cause Ame obviously wasn’t in the best condition to be driving around and none of us knew how to get back.

I had to take over and lead the way back to Sunway using tne NPE. Yah, you know you’re really lost the day I have to give directions!!!

That night really made me appreciate people who actually know where the hell NPE/NKVE/LDP/Sungai Wang/Sungai Way were!!!

Quote Alfred: WHO’S YOUR DADDY?!!

Anyway, we went round and round and round for like 1.5 hours (which felt like an eternity) feeling totally lost and helpless before we finally made it back to Damansara.

I am NOT going clubbing without guys ever again!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. anonymous
    Aug 03, 2008 @ 12:52:25

    “I am NOT going clubbing without guys ever again!!”

    brilliant idea..


  2. Soon Seng
    Aug 05, 2008 @ 02:16:02

    Hmmm.. harrowing ordeal, I see…
    Maybe the ah kua no lip gloss. Hence the lip-licking.


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