Miss Ah Fat

To celebrate and self-glorify my return from a land far far away, I treated everyone to a dinner at Jogoya Starhill. Everyone except Shiu Kao, who so tak tau malu invited himself so obviously he had to pay for himself HMPH!

Yun + Idiot:

Our table was booked at 6.30pm, so we bluffed Shun that we were leaving at 5pm, and Alfred came to pick me at 5.30pm. Standard protocol.

She was still late anyway like omg.

Alwyn + Shun SO the matching *giggle*:

The dinner cost my anorexic purse RM100 per head, but no complains cause it was fantastic!

The restaurant was incredibly huge and offered all manner of Japanese and non-Japanese fare to keep even the greediest of cow-killers like Alwyn satisfied throughout the night.



And I swear the boss MUST have spent a fortune hiring Malay ninjas (what a rare breed!) to serve the customers!


To be honest, I haven’t had proper Japanese food for over a year now (cause Jap food in UK totally sucks), so I kinda gobbled up everything without really tasting anything properly.

What really got me salivating, tho, were the super succulent fat wobbling oysters and all the cute tiny desserts!!

Just staring at this picture makes me salivate again!:

They have all sorts of cakes!!:

I don’t think I really ate much that night cause I was too busy being “bombed” by the guys *sigh*. Most of the stuff I ate actually came from the dessert section cause like ohmhgawd I totally love cakes and pastry. Do you know that the entire Glasgow does not have a single cake shop (Secret Recipe that kind)???

[Oh oh oh I totally HAVE to go eat at Bakerzin *salivates* The cakes there are simple to die for!!]

Yah and then stupid Shiu Kao started calling me Ah Fat wtf.

Contestants of eating competition wtf:

Stupid Shui Kao:

The entire restaurant was layed-out in a gerai-gerai sort of way, with each little gerai offering a different variety of yummilicious fattening food. Sadly tho, they didn’t allow us to take pictures of the place.

Well, at least we got to take blur pictures in their very pretty toilet:

The dinnertime buffet was supposed to stretch from 5pm til 9.30pm but come 11pm we were still chatting away there and no one bothered to chase us out. Such a pity that I was so full I couldn’t even sample their icecream sobs.


I totally wanna go to Jogoya again! Even tho I can’t eat enough to reach a hundred bucks. But nebermind, it’s the experience that counts!

My totally matching Coach bag and Morgan shoes:


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alfred
    Jul 21, 2008 @ 12:33:48

    Ah Fat,

    Thanks for the dinner…. 😛


  2. mein
    Jul 21, 2008 @ 16:37:21

    Hay since when you buy coach bag 1???


  3. nee
    Jul 21, 2008 @ 17:20:28

    hahaa… ah mein who thinks she knows everything that you have… hahaahha


  4. sooliping86
    Jul 21, 2008 @ 17:36:15

    haiyo.. itu bc beli for my mum wan ma.. manatau she said too small so she dowan ish..


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