JK’s 22nd

Happy Birthday!

Anyhuu, I spent the entire day shopping at Pyramid with Shun. We were supposed to go Karaoke-ing so I could teach them to yodel, but Yun FFKed us as usual *haih*. No choice lar, somebody busy doing something on somebody’s bed mar.

Bought a whole lot of crap. Between today and yesterday I’ve already spent ALL my cash which left me with no choice but to swipe my supplementary credit card HOHO *daddy I love you!*.

@ Ice Monster

Eh actually I’m damn lazy to blog properly lah cause I gotta wake up damn kao early again tomorrow morning sobbers. If I seem to be getting uglier as the days pass don’t kutuk me ya, it’s just the lack of beauty sleep wtf.

At night we all gathered at Tony Roma’s to celebrate JK’s 22nd birthday.

Yah, damn old edi but all of them still behave like little kids, throwing food around the table wtf. Make me shy only.

Testing a faggot’s lung capacity Blowing candles out with a tiny little straw.

Cake reads: Happy Birthday Jun Ken FAG.

Love my girls!

Everyone minus Shun and Yun.

Yah. I know. Damn a lot of guys rite!!


K lah give you bigger pictures!

L-R: Zheng Yu, Weng Hon, Andrew bermata besar.

L-R: Black, Yellow, Black, Yellow. ??, Christopher, Nelvie, King Han.

Uh, gays. But nvmlah put their picture here oso lah for other gays to see. Kin Khan *loves* Gayry.

L-R: Jun Ken, Erwin (Guy with SEXEH eyebrows and Batman shirt who draws dinosaur cartoons during tuition)

L-R: Andrew comel, Lilin Bilin with LV bag chewah, Me, Jun Ken.

If interested in any of them (don care whether you are a girl or guy, they quite gay wan don’t worry) tell me leh! Eh I’m serious wan leh!

[Processing and administration fee: RM15] (Damn cheap ok wtf)


Happy Birthday Cheun!!


Happy Birthday Jo!!


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Soon Seng
    Jul 20, 2008 @ 17:54:04

    Eh. That looks remarkably like Vijendran.


  2. sooliping86
    Jul 20, 2008 @ 20:44:57

    uh… u kno whis full name? yah i found out that’s VJ hehe don’t tell him ya!


  3. Soon Seng
    Jul 22, 2008 @ 16:53:12

    haha.. yup, we used to be in the same primary school.. nah, no worries, won’t say a word. =)
    But what if he reads your blog? and this post?


  4. sooliping86
    Jul 22, 2008 @ 19:35:18

    haiya wont wan la.. if he really read oso he cant blame me since i nv tok to him b4 oso haha… *paiseh*


  5. Soon Seng
    Jul 23, 2008 @ 15:22:42

    True, true.. you have a point.. haha.. Well, now you now ler… He’s Jun Ken’s friend? unimate? housemate? long lost brother?


  6. sooliping86
    Jul 23, 2008 @ 17:00:22

    HAHA yeah hopefully i remember his name from now on… JK’s “gang” la i think.. since dunno when…


  7. Soon Seng
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 11:07:48

    Small world moment again. Apa lu buat, these days? haha.. i see you’ve been makan-ing a lot.. dem fun wei


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