Glimpse of Europe: So far

Hellu there!!!

Yay, I am finally back to the world of technology and internet wtf! At the last hotel I stayed in, the WiFi charge was like 4.50Euros for 60 minutes, so stingy ol me decided to just bear with the agony of being totally disconnected with the rest of the world.

The hotel I’m at right now (in Germany) is the Ramada which is damn nice lor. It’s certainly not a 5-star hotel, but compared to what I’m used to, it’s damn nice lah.

AND they provide free internet in the lobby too! Hip hip hooray!

Main bedroom area:

My bed for the night, with BamBam:

Large but rather plain bathroom:

Ok, here’s the sad thing. I can’t really post many pictures up cause almost all the pictures were taken using Nee’s kengchao camera, but she didn’t bring her camera cable along hence I can’t transfer the pics.

I only have a teensy weensy few pics in my own camera, cause my poor camera damn cacat already lar. I think it’s gonna spoil soon and I’ll have to keluar another RM1k++ to buy a new one =*( damn broke ok haih!

Anyway I’ll just post whatever few pictures I have with me now lor.

The Eiffel Tower is illuminated with blue lights after sunset to represent the French President becoming the leader of the European Union for the next 6 months *yawns*:

(Can see my camera focus damn cacat edi sobs)

The rest of the pics are from Switzerland.

The Lion’s Rock, representing all the Swiss guards that died trying to protect the French royalty during dunno what war:

The very peak of Mount Pilatus, 7000 feet up in the air. Damn nice ok!!!

We were literally IN the clouds!! It was damn sunny so I had to wear a cap cause I forgot my sunnies ish:

After descending Mount Pilatus, we went to Lake Lucerne to camwhore. Well, actually I went to camwhore on my own while everyone else wasted their time in the shops (not buying anything in the end).

The water in Lake Lucerne is very very very clean!!! You can see right through:

Swiss alps in the background; Lake Lucerne in the foreground:

Everyone chillaxing by the lake:

Pictures may tell a thousand words, but a thousand pictures could never describe its beauty:

Damn long didn’t camwhore edi:

Guna timer ambik:

And the last picture I have is of the so-called largest cookoo clock in the world, in Germany’s Blackforest. It was damn lame:

Yalah, I wanna go sleep already. The bunch of German guys beside me damn bising and kacau la haih. Got to get up early tomorrow anyways.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mark
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 06:15:45

    so this is where you’ve gone into hiding.

    i suspected that someone had hijacked your blog, but i did not completely rule out the possibility that you may have resorted to selling Viagra and such to finance some LV bags….


  2. mein
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 18:52:42

    finally you updated your blog.. Hay you looked fatter le congrates..
    Hay i saw the heart shape guess watch in Malaysia costs rm236 only and lyn’s watch costs rm509 dam expensive i dont care iwant the heart shape 1 buy for me please..


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