Scotland tour with old people

Not knowing where to bring my parents to in Scotland, I decided to take the easy way out and just sign up for a 2-day coach tour. The tour operator I chose was Timberbush Tours, and the 2-day coach tour brought us to Eilean Donan, Loch Ness and the North West Highlands.

My wonderful convo flowers in bloom =)))

A coach tour is basically a “much longer taxi ride” that brings you to various destinations of purported interest. What I found out from this tour was that once you’ve seen a city in Scotland, you’ve practically seem em all. Everything looked the same after some time, so much so that everything just melted into a blurry soup of trees, lochs (meaning lakes) and quaint houses.

The first stop was the tiny village of Luss, situated on the banks of Loch Lomond:

Oh yah, and the local language in Scotland is Gaelic which is darn confusing and difficult to pronounce at times. Oh well, Chinese is worse.

Totally forgot what this place is called. It is filled with nice fat seagulls that live happily on a diet of fish and chips wtf:

It was really frustrating trying to get my parents to take half decent photographs. Most of the time my face was cropped out or I wasn’t ready for the photo or the beautiful background was half cut out. Argh damn sad lor.

I think this was at Glen Coe (‘Glen’ means ‘Valley’ in Gaelic), where loads of beautiful photographs are taken to be printed out onto postcards:

We stopped for the night at Fort William which is right below Ben Nevis – the tallest mountain in Britain. I must say it isn’t astoundingly tall, being only 4406 metres high. Gunung Kinabalu is about twice that height, no?

Our £85 room at the Bed & Breakfast was absolutely worth every penny. The rooms were impeccable and tastefully furnished in a traditional English style (minus that messy looking Ah Pek slouching in the chair of course):

And I LOVED the toilet with its lovely pink tiles, bathtub, shower and even a bidet!!

Fort William itself wasn’t much to shout about. Actually, I suspect that I would have had a better impression had my parents been a little less lazy. Seriously, once reaching there they just strolled about for a short while and then went to find food and then went to bed. At 10pm wtf!



Since I didn’t get to see the actual fort (or rather, the ruins of Fort William), here’s a photo of me and a map of Fort William wtf:

The next morning my parents woke me at 6am ARGH I was SO pissed. Damn early k! After a neverending morning stroll, we sat down to a hearty Scottish breakfast of toast, sausages, eggs, mushrooms and bacon MMmMMmmM!

The coach came to pick us up at 9am and brought us up a little hill where we could get a magnificent view of Ben Nevis.

That’s Ben Nevis behind me (Don’t mind my spastic hand gesture. Mother is not very good at counting to three before snapping a photo):

After leaving Ben Nevis, we continued upwards towards the highlight of our tour: The Eilean Donan castle.

I’ve already been to a few castles – some magnificent, some not as grand; Eilean Donan is one of those quieter beauties. At first glance she doesn’t make much of an impression, but I gradually found myself falling in love with the serene beauty of the peaceful surroundings and the hushed facade of the castle itself.

The castle sits on a tiny island surrounded by the lochs:


I should become a professional photographer, tsk!

The driver brought us further up where we could look down upon the castle:

From Eilean Donan, we travelled for another few hours until we reached the very bottom of the famous and infamous Loch Ness.

All along the way the driver garbled some random historical facts about this and that, whilst I snored with my mouth open wtf. Seriously, he has got to be the lousiest tour guide ever! The level of boredom he induced in me nearly equated to that of any pharmacy lecture wtf!

The bottom of Loch Ness, nestled between the highlands:

Some introspective photography:

At Fort Augustus, where we were able to admire the Loch Ness for all of 3 minutes before it started pouring with rain =(

And after that we visited a further 2 or 3 little villages but by then my camera batts had run dry so no pictures.

Honestly, I think this tour was a blardy waste of money simply because it was so tiresomely boring. They should have stuck a warning tag right next to the tour’s name stating “Warning: May induce excessive boredom, causing tour-goers to vomit mucus and sleep with mouths wide open” wtf.

Oh well, I suspect it was the tour guide’s fault. Had he been ever so slightly more interesting that a sheep, we just might have enjoyed ourselves.

Shall go sleep. I only have 3 hours before I have to wake up and fly down to London wtf I am tired of touring =(


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