Edinburgh with the folks

Mein, Lyn and I took our families on an hour’s bus ride to Edinburgh – to visit the capital of Scotland.

All of us were slightly hungover from last night’s crazy photo snapping and the wine/champagne party that ensued, so it was quite a subdued crowd today.

Aih, tired of touring already. All I wanna do is go home (Malaysia) and bum for a few months!

At the very least the weather was quite agreeable today, so we could walk around sans windbreakers/caps/hoods/umbrellas *yay!*.



I climbed up onto the random piece of concrete thingy and started posing, and then I forced Lyn to do the same. And after we left, some stupid copycat angmoh climbed up and started doing the same cis. No originality~


We were in Edinburgh for almost 12 hours but OMG we didn’t even get to walk along Princess Street cause the old folks walk like tortoises!!!

Walk for 10 minutes, rest for 5. Sheesh.

We even took a short nap on the comfy cushiony sofas in the SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT (!!!) but got kicked out by security cause we “made the place untidy” wtf.



That’s all for today. I’ll be taking a 2-day coach tour of Scotland tomorrow so at least I won’t have to walk that much huuhuu I hate walking!

Malaysia here I come!


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  1. mein mein
    Jul 02, 2008 @ 17:28:58

    Haha, at first i was so paiseh to ask you guys wait for me, so ask you all go first, mana tau we finish walk princess street 2 times (1way we walk, take pic, and picnic at the garden then another way shop)l and 1 times royale mile you all still havent finish royale mile.. Haha


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