Isle of Cumbrae with the old people

I’ve got to make this a real quick one cause my stomach’s rumbling and grumbling away for food, despite the fact that I ate 3 (THREE!) servings of Shirlyn’s popo’s yummy fried noodles for dinner.

So anyways, everyone is here at last, and our tiny 6-room flat is filled to the brim with 17 people omg!


Wah every morning can hear my dad and the other old folks gossiping damn early *sigh* like chicken only, damn bising!

The next morning, we brought all of them to the Isle of Cumbrae which is really a small island near an inlet from the sea kind of thingy.


Of course my jakun parents menjakun all the way.

*Look! Seagull! Let’s cook chicken seagull rice for dinner!*

*Look! Seaweed! Let’s cook seaweed soup!!*

*Look! Snails! Tonight can eat escargot chewah!*

I think they were very poor last time lar thats why they are like that.


Everything was lovely save for the blardy weather. The sky just HAD to pee every 30 or so minutes, but thank goodness we all had hoods and umbrellas and caps.


There was some small bagpipe parade to commemorate the 100th year since a bunch of old people served in the World War II. Something like that.


We ended up marching behind them, cause our super jakun parents wanted to see where they were going (Uh??).


And after that Nee’s and my families took an hour’s bike ride which was really fun! Gee, I miss riding bikes and doing other tomboyish stuff!


My mum doesn’t know how to cycle, so my parents ended up with a tandem bike which was quite funny cause my lazy mum just sat there and enjoyed the view while the kuli in front sweated it out.


Nee’s mum can cycle. Cis, so macho.


We rode out to this piece of rock called the “Lion’s Rock”, named so because it’s supposed to look like some retarted lion lying down. The head is facing to the left of the picture.


The elderly team from the Tour de France Flower (Lame comment came from Nee’s mum hoho).


There is also this famous rock (why are rocks here famous???) called the “Crocodile Rock” (Oooooo how creative. Sheesh) which apparently was painted by some dude who was drunk. If my memory serves me right.


And then it got late so we just stood under the rain, waiting for the bus. Looking like your everyday hillbilly Chinapek.


-The end of day 1-

PS: Dunno why all the pictures look so weird. Stupid wordpress is killing me!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nee
    Jun 29, 2008 @ 18:32:25

    this is liping’s entry with the most number of old people… LOL….


  2. mein mein
    Jun 29, 2008 @ 19:59:58

    haha for the very first time your mum and dad face appear in your blog haha


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