Why I’d make a good wife

Today was seriously my best day working ever!

First of all, I started off my day by cleaning up my little “lap zhap” stall: sweeping the floor, wiping everything in sight, chasing dust-bunnies around and fussing about colour-coordinating stuff.

I guess heaven for me is just a really dusty place with loads of brooms, dustcloths and random bottles for me to arrange.

Also known as my brother’s room pigsty *sigh* heaven is a place on earth.

Anyways, my boss decided to reward the obsessive-compulsive dustbuster in me by buying me an RM15 cup of Pearl Milk Tea. I think he’s quite scared of me now, cause I got all pissy with him when he arranged some hair stuff NOT according to length wtf.

Hence, we come to reason number one as to why I’d make a good wife:

I love cleaning

And I’m excessively neat too!

I scratched my hand a couple of days ago and it got all infected and icky. And then I went and scratched it AGAIN today and now I'm bleeding to death =( I tell you ah, next time I just show my boyfriend's mother my hands she confirm like me edi cause damn a lot of scars as tho I do a lot of housework lidat.

And either the shirt I wore today made me drop-dead gorgeous or men nowadays are desperate for wives who actually clean stuff, cause out of nowhere damn a lot of guys popped in to flirt with me!

The first was this Hongkie guy who spoke to me in Cantonese but I replied him in Mandarin. *quack quack* *cookadoodledoo* Chicken talking to duck wtf but eh at least I can now converse in Mandarin ok!

Reason number two of why I’d make a good wife:

I can now speak mandarin yays!

And after that, he went and bought me another Pearl Tea lol so I had to drink two of em in one day.

After that came another super lengzhai dude who so ngam is from Subang too! *AH* damn cute ah he! But he scolded me for not being able to speak proper mandarin sigh. It’s ok, I always liked the aggressive, brooding, fierce kind of guy anyways.

Reason number three:

I like being tamed

But only by hot guys.

And after work my boss was damn pleased with me cause my sales hit a record high thus reason number four:

I make my own dough

Sigh, I really have GOT to stop pimping myself like this. Desperado sial.

Mein’s leaving for Italy tomorrow which leaves poor me all alone until everyone comes home for the convo next Friday *sobs*.

But worry not, for I shall never starve to death as I am prepared to put my superb culinary skills to the test.

I can cook, oh yes I can!

Yah, all those gents out there who are eager to marry me please download the attached application form and submit it along with a full-body photo and a complete bank statement. Other financial details or underwear-size-related information is also encouraged.

PS: Happy birthday Aik Chiew! I think you already have this, but it’s the only Arsenal thingy I could find so don’t be so demanding.

BamBam is not included.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Prof Tee
    Jun 21, 2008 @ 03:35:02

    wtf man…damn perasan, u make a good wife??? errr…sounds like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE…=P

    wah lau…the first thing u did when ur hand was bleeding is to take out ur camera (instead of plaster) and prepare urself to blog rite? is so YOU…=P

    dun starve urself fr tmr on ya…n dun forget to blog wat u cook everyday (if there are different dishes la…hehe…=P)


  2. sooliping86
    Jun 21, 2008 @ 09:41:48

    pls ah!! i’ll be a damn good wife wan ok!!!

    (we shall not discuss reasons why i would NOT make a good wife)

    hahaha yalo i didnt put plaster until the next day cause couldnt find =((( I’m scarred for life huuhuu!

    just ate maggi today =(


  3. Prof Tee
    Jun 21, 2008 @ 13:26:30

    hahah…smart also, u shd post another blog on “why i wouldnt make a good wife”, i think that post will nvr end, haha…

    haha…if u can find a plaster in ur mess i will be surprise, haha…shd call ur nen nen ma ma and ask her, hehe…nvm la, scar on the hand oni ma, sap sap sui la…haiyo…

    apa la u…maggi everyday later more pai guat…go cook ur spagetti la…=)


  4. sooliping86
    Jun 21, 2008 @ 17:12:01

    HOHOHO i was going to cook spaghetti for dinner wan but no more tomatoes i think! LOL..


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